infinite-insanity-97 asked: i love you tumblr! it reminds me of home :'(

Yayyyy! Thanks man :)

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tanangled asked: I moved to the UK nearly 3 years ago and finding this site has brought back a ton of memories, THANK YOU soso much😊

Aah that’s so great! well i’m happy it made you happy :)

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Anonymous asked: Praat jy Afrikaans?

nah bra ek is from Durban

but eh i do it at school?

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Requested by anele20 :)

hey guys, sorry my computer broke and was sent to joburg for 4 weeks (Durban problems) and I got it back today only to be told it cannot be fixed:( so sorry about the inactivity and whatnot man

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Anonymous asked: I was born and raised in NZ, but I strongly identify as South African because all my family is from there so I just want to say thanks for helping me learn more about my culture!

Ah that’s so great! i’m glad you like it :)

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Requested by the-weight-of-the-snow :)

perfection-of-rugby asked: I looove this site and SA :D I'm from Brazil but I pretend move to Cape Town one day. People from there (and others cities of course) are really cool and friendly. It's the most beautiful city in the whole world :3 What can you say to me about SA? Ahh and Do I need learn Afrikaans before? Dankie!

aah no way i didn’t think people outside of the country liked SA :D and yes, we are cool B) and nah i don’t think you’d need to learn afrikaans, most people speak english :)

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Anonymous asked: Ugh I live in the US, but was born in SA and have South African parents/ family members. missing this place sooooo much and your blog brought back good memories of my time there :)

Yayyy! Glad it gives you South African feels, hope you’re enjoying It in ‘merica

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