thanks Anon

Suggestions guys?

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howtofightlonliness asked: dude this site is amazing. I'm from Benoni but i'm live in New York and it makes me want to go home...

i’m so stoked :’) haven’t posted in a while but these sorts of messages will get it going again. thanks man!

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infinite-insanity-97 asked: i love you tumblr! it reminds me of home :'(

Yayyyy! Thanks man :)

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deliriouslittleme-deactivated20 asked: I moved to the UK nearly 3 years ago and finding this site has brought back a ton of memories, THANK YOU soso much😊

Aah that’s so great! well i’m happy it made you happy :)

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Anonymous asked: Praat jy Afrikaans?

nah bra ek is from Durban

but eh i do it at school?

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Requested by anele20 :)

hey guys, sorry my computer broke and was sent to joburg for 4 weeks (Durban problems) and I got it back today only to be told it cannot be fixed:( so sorry about the inactivity and whatnot man

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Anonymous asked: I was born and raised in NZ, but I strongly identify as South African because all my family is from there so I just want to say thanks for helping me learn more about my culture!

Ah that’s so great! i’m glad you like it :)

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