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weareextinguished asked: My dad and I still say 'yebo' in America and no one understands haha

Yebo is forever 

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Baie dankie/ngiyabonga/kalebocha South Africa

Hello everyone,

Beginning of July 2014 I went on exchange to beautiful South Africa. I stayed there for only 2 months (way to short) but I enjoyed it so much. I stayed in Pretoria with a white family who spoke Afrikaans which was not so difficult for me as I am Dutch-speaking.

I also went to an English-speaking school with lots of blacks kids who taught me some words and sentences in Tswana and I went to a rural area where they taught me Zulu.

I absolutely loved it. Seriously, South Africa is a great country, I know that you guys have (political) problems but still, thank you South Africa. It was like a home from home to me.

Warm regards

Maaike (Belgium)

P.S: If some of you know a charity that helps rural schools, preferably in Mpumalanga, please let me know :)

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typical-giraffe asked: I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I RELATE TO EVERYTHING. 😂❤️


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Anonymous asked: Whats Your Twitter!!??

Don’t have one, sorry man

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thanks Anon

Suggestions guys?

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girlinterrupted99 asked: dude this site is amazing. I'm from Benoni but i'm live in New York and it makes me want to go home...

i’m so stoked :’) haven’t posted in a while but these sorts of messages will get it going again. thanks man!

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infinite-insanity-97 asked: i love you tumblr! it reminds me of home :'(

Yayyyy! Thanks man :)

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